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Meet us: Join your local BIM Forum 2019

Symetri BIM FORUM 2019

Participating in live events can be your difference maker in your business as you get in touch with experts in your field and interact with colleagues in the trade.

This fall, BIMEYE will be represented in various places in Scandinavia, starting with the popular Symetri BIM Fora in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Below you will find links to the respective sign up pages.

We are looking forward to meeting YOU.

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Danish BIM Forum



Copenhagen, September 17


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Swedish BIM Fora:


  • Malmö September 17
  • Gothenburg, September 18
  • Stockholm, September 19

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Norwegian BIM Fora:


  • Kristiansand, August 26
  • Stavanger, August 27
  • Bergen, August 28
  • Ålesund, August 29
  • Trondhiem, August 2
  • Tromsø, September 3
  • Oslo, September 5
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The Nordic Architecture Fair

Date: October 15 - 16, 2019

This year focus at the Nordic Architecture Fair is on city planning and how this is done in the best possible way.

Do the cities have room enough for the increasing number of people wishing to live in them. And how can this city development take place in a prosperous and sustainable way? And can you as an architect, developer og facility manager interact and play an important role?
These are some of the questions that will be discussed at this year's Nordic Architecture Fair. 

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Secure your role in the BIM Management development, use a safe BIM methodology, and increase the level of communication in your projects.

Visit BIMEYE & Nolliplan in booth B05:13. Our mission is to showcase how you support your processes and the collaboration using the data from the entire construction project, from idea to facility management.

With BIMEYE you get more time to focus on your core business

BIMEYE covers it all and we combine sketching and modelling to the safest way of exchanging data from your model, i.e. automated creation of lists of door, room, requirement - all asset descriptions by a click of the mouse, releasing valuable time for your creative tasks and ideas.