Interior Manager

BIMeye® Interior Manager

Being a cloud service, Interior Manager makes it easy for you to manage the interior design in a project.

With this app you can easily create, modify, sort and publish information on interior design – in one or more model files.

The app gives you a nice overview on your planning of the design in the project with for instance design overview, choice of material, dimensions, budget and other overviews.

By synchronising the information and the parametrics between the model files and Interior Manager, you save valuable time and at the same time, you ensure the qualification the interior design in the entire project.
The solution has features that enable you to make the right notifications on the objects in the models and to create automatic interior design reports based on unique options.
Business Values for Interior Manager:Agnese

BIMeye increases efficiency and creates more time for value added creative work:

"In BIMeye Interior Manager it is possible to create material listings automatically, with information about color, size and number of each furniture. This is extremely time-saving, so of course I recommend others to test the app."

Agnese estimates that they increased efficiency by 20-25% after implementing the Interior Manager, which of course gives a great feeling:

When you deliver a project, you want to make sure that the models are correct. At our office, we use both Revit and BIMeye and because they are fully synchronised, we are confident that we will get accurate specifications.”

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All interior design management from one source. Always updated information.


Automatic interior design reports. Automatic features for repeated costs


Work anywhere, with or without a BIM/CAD program. All it requires is an internet connection.

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