Door Manager

BIMeye® Door Manager

With Door Manager, you and your team get a cloud solution that gives you several possibilities for collaboration throughout your projects. You can create, change, sort and publish door specifications, even when distributed in several model files in the same projects.

Door manager is a cloud service, giving you and your colleagues the opportunity to work together collecting and handling all information on doors in a project, and automatic gather reports of door lists - anytime the need for this occurs.

Using Door manager, you save valuable time and it becomes easier to qualify all door information in a project. Data is synchronised between door manager and one or more model files, ensuring that you always have the latest status on the doors in a project.

As we are working with a cloud service, you get the possibility of working with door data and collect door maps or door descriptions, no matter where you are – and with or without a BIM or CAD program. All this requires, is an access to the Internet and a web browser or a smartphone.

In Door manager you can create and handle templates for:

Description reports:

    • Door cards, drawings, one for each door

    • Door schedules

    • Fittings and fitting lists

    • Change log (PM)

    • Support for attachments such as images, PDFs and more.

    • Etc.


A complete overview of all door information synchronised with all model files in a project.


Automatic door descriptions/-reports and Change logs


Work anywhere with or without a BIM program. All it requires is an Internet connection.

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