With BIMeye 3D viewer you can visualise your work. Watch the video and see how!

With the 3D viewer for BIMeye you can overview your project in a visual way.

Synchronise your model from Revit or SimpleBIM to your project and use 3D objects for editing BIM data. Search for specific data and get a visual overview in the 3D model which objects meet the search critera.

Choose the product you are working with:

Edit your work:

Watch your work in 3D and be able to zoom in and fix errors and add changes

This demo of the 3D viewer will give an example of how you work with a synchronised BIM model in BIMeye Asset Manager.

Search for specific data and explore it in 3D viewer, select one or many objects for editing. Edit the data and then syncronise it back to your model.

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Corona Update

Corona Update

We monitor the situation and will take further actions as appropriate to secure uninterrupted delivery of our services.
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