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October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

Dear Customer,

We are excited to announce the launch of BIMeye in a new version, that we call BIMEYE 3.0.

We have listened to your feedback and have now developed a serious upgrade of BIMEYE with many benefits for you no matter what kind of role you have in a building project.

Are you ready for an upgrade that will create
even more efficiency in your projects?

As the data is stored in the Cloud all stakeholders have access to updated and synchronised data, any time you need it, and without needing access to the BIM tool. You can apply all disciplines and exchange your data at any time in an easy way.



BIMEYE gives updated and compiled building information for improved project management, calculations, procurement and logistics.

With BIMEYE you can reduce errors in your entire project and secure your procurement process with updated and accurate data.

Efficient planning
BIMEYE helps everyone gather, quality assure and communicate building information, for  improved planning and construction.

Here are some of the most important new features in the upgrade:
  • All activities are logged and saved for future documentation
  • Accessibility at any time, all stakeholders have access to data
  • External consultants can through login rights share, contribute or download information
  • BIMEYE synchronises data back and forth between the database and the model
  • You shorten your time gathering data for procurement significantly with a few click of the mouse:
  • New powerful 3D viewer with large capacity
  • Handling of even very large models in short time
  • Data is shown as 3D models in the viewer when clicking the list of data, and vice versa
  • You can print out all paper files you need for documentation in the process
  • A digital copy of the building can be created through the transfer of correct data

If you want to know more, please contact us.

Or click the link below to get more information.


BIMEYE 3.0 campaign



Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

In a report from Chalmers university, it was revealed that 80% of all the projects, builders are running are the same practices, and only 20% are unique. By adding BIMEYE to your BIM management of your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project by being able to focus on the 20% that are unique for each project, as the 80% of the practices will be done based on the digital methodology in BIMEYE.l.
Corona Update

Corona Update

We monitor the situation and will take further actions as appropriate to secure uninterrupted delivery of our services.
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