Streamline Your Planning with BIMeye Door Manager

Streamline Your Planning with BIMeye Door Manager

By adding BIMeye Door Manager to your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project. 
 The How To’s
Create, change, sort and publish door specifications, even when distributed in several model files in the same projects. All you need is access to the internet.
The Why’s
Door manager is part of the BIMeye Common Data Environment solution.  Allow yourself and your colleagues to log in to a new way of working with BIM; work together by collecting and handling all information on doors in your projects. And gather all reports of door lists automatically – anytime you need it.

Other customers’ why’s:

  • Valuable time saving
  • Easy to qualify all door information
  • Data is synched between BIMeye and one or more model files
  • Data is always updated through the access to database
  • Easy access through the door manager app, even when on the building site
  • Improved control on the fittings in projects
  • The right tool from calculation to production
  • Improved documentation for the aftersales market
  • Improved possibility to assist our sub-suppliers in becoming more efficient
  • A clear borderline already in the early stages of production
  • Common self-monitoring for all sub-suppliers working on the doors
  • Templates that streamline and enable 100% safety in procurement and calculation


In a normal more manual project planning of doors, there are many changes when the sub-suppliers can pick and choose from any product or supplier. By using door manager, you can streamline  this process significantly and improve your communication and collaboration in your teams both internally and externally.


Go here to read the case study from Skanska, Sweden.
Or, contact us for more information


Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

- Our customers will be able to start collecting the digital information already at the construction site with our mobile solutions. The basis of our BIM Collaboration solution is Interaxo and BIMEYE - but the acquirement of Unizite is important as an additional tool to this. With this new tool at hand, we have secured our growth strategy as it completes our product range with mobile solutions in the field of BIM information. Our customers will now have access to a secured way of presenting and registering their data in a mobile solution beginning already at the construction site, says Steinar Svinø, CEO at Tribia.
Become our new product manager

Become our new product manager

Do you have the skill set to be the co-creator of the best future collaboration solution for BIM projects in both Norway, Sweden and abroad? Then we need you as our new product manager!
Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

The name change is part of a proces that commenced in 2018 with the aquisition of Apricon, a Swedish company. In 2019 with the aquisition of BIMEYE, the company has gained a new and even stronger position within solutions for BIM management, BIM data and models in construction projects.
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