The new collaboration solution for BIM in projects: BIMEYE provides control of model and BIM data.

The Best Collaboration Solution for BIM Data in the Cloud

Finally, we are launching the new BIMEYE in Scandinavia, the solution that makes model data accessible in the cloud, without having to access the design tool.

With BIMEYE building projects can gain control of both model and BIM data, and work more efficiently. As BIMEYE is a collaboration solution that all stakeholders can gain access to, the work with BIM data becomes independent of the design tools. This way, every one can gather, quality assure and communicate information about the building for improved planning, procurement and construction. With continuously updated correct data, accessible for everyone in one place, it is easy to make improved estimates, precise calculations and reduce the degree of expensive faults in procurement. BIMEYE solves the main challenges working with BIM data and secures digitalisation of the processes in a building project. The result being a digital twin of the constructed building.

The Best Collaboration Solution for BIM Data in the Cloud

«BIMEYE solves the challenge of having large volumes of BIM data or building objects that need to be updated in a simple, easy-to-use and profitable way. We have profound experience in the work with BIMEYE from Sweden and the reports are clear; the manual processes and plotting of data is being replaced by precise and cost efficient methodology with BIMEYE. Our customers can now focus on their core business, whilst making more precise initial calculations and estimates. BIMEYE also allows the project members to collaborate across the design tools, which is unique and a big competitive step ahead for our customers. They save time and money from the beginning, and regain the control of their models and the BIM data», CEO Steinar Svinø, Symetri Collaboration, concludes.


For more information, please contact:

Steinar Svinø, CEO,  Symetri Collaboration AS
T: +47 952 92 174, e-post:

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For 18 years Symetri Collaboration has been market leader and supplier of collaboration solutions for Norwegain and Swedish building projects. As of today, we have more the 90.000 users of our solutions on a daily basis. Symetri Collaboration develops collaboration solutions for projects within the construction industry, energy and other engineering projects. Through solid industry knowledge we contribute to efficient work processes, better information sharing and increased project quality and cost efficiency for us and for our customers.

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October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

We are excited to announce the launch of BIMeye in a new version, that we call BIMEYE 3.0. We have listened to your feedback and have now developed a serious upgrade of BIMEYE with many benefits for you no matter what kind of role you have in a building project. Are you ready for an upgrade that will create even more efficiency in your projects?
Sign up for the BIMEYE Certified Professional course

Sign up for the BIMEYE Certified Professional course

By attending this course, you will become a BIMEYE certified Professional. This certification is a great evidence of your competencies and skills. It will help you and your company develop and increase your skills working with BIM in general, focusing on productivity and efficiency.
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