New addition; Tribia acquires uniZite

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitising field construction processes.

Tribia (formerly  Symetri Collaboration) continues to strengthen their position as a market leader for digital collaboration solutions for the construction and infrastructure industry in Sweden and the Nordics and has now added another enterprise to the palette; the Swedish company Unizite.

As the new owner of the young IT company Unizite, Tribia, owned by Addnode Group, has taken over all assets in Unizite, software products, customers as well as employees.

- Our customers will be able to start collecting the digital information already at the construction site with our mobile solutions. The basis of our BIM Collaboration solution is Interaxo and BIMEYE - but the acquirement of Unizite is important as an additional tool to this. With this new tool at hand, we have secured our growth strategy as it completes our product range with mobile solutions in the field of BIM information. Our customers will now have access to a secured way of presenting and registering their data in a mobile solution beginning already at the construction site, says Steinar Svinø, CEO at Tribia.

Collection of digital information to be done already at the construction site.

Unizite has developed a cloud-based field tool that secures that 3D models, drawings, documents and BIM data are accessible for all workers at the construction site. Thus, improving the efficiency of change management, security, check lists and quality control processes for our customers using mobile solutions.

- We at Unizite are looking forward to becoming a part of Tribia and Addnode Group. We are certain that this will be of benefit to our customers as we will be able to supply an overall collaborate solution for building projects. Moreover, our products will be subject to even more positive development in a larger scale, Tord Svanqvist, CEO at Unizite, says.

Increased pace of digitalisation of the construction industry

Unizite’s field solution can also be used for managing deviation processes by registering the deviation directly in the 3D model that is integrated with Interaxo. Or, you can register the status of delivery or mounting of materials and/or building elements directly in the tool. This information will also become available directly in BIMEYE.

- Overall this collaboration is a significant prerequisite for our customers to ensure an improved efficient and integrated information flow and our combined solutions will support the necessary continued digitalisation of the building projects, says Svinø.

For more information, please contact:
Steinar Svinø, CEO, Tribia
Phone: +47 952 92 174



Tord Svanqvist, CEO, Unizite

Phone: +46 7033 757068



About uniZite

UniZite works with digitizing field construction processes in close co-operation with our customers and partners in the industry. We contribute to safer, more productive and more sustainable construction projects through our mobile field solutions, ‘Smart digital construction’ as our main concern. Unizite has 8 employees and a turnover of NOK 6,5 mil. Initially, Unizite had its upstart in Norway, and was established in Karlstad in 2019 where the Swedish IT entrepreneur Tord Svanquist became the Ceo of the company.

About Tribia

For 18 years, Tribia has been the market leading supplier of collaboration solutions for ’anyone who builds something’. We have a turnover of more than 130 million NOK. Now, we have 65 employees in Norway and Sweden. Tribia is owned by Addnode Group. As of today, we have more than 100,000 users working with our solutions on a daily basis.

Interaxo and BIMEYE are modern collaboration solutions that support building and construction projects in becoming more efficient, by enabling a smooth communication, and a smart collection and sharing of the data in the projects.

Interaxo is a market leading tool with secure document- and process management customised for the needs of the building industry. BIMEYE is a cloud-based project portal for collecting and sharing data (BIM) which ensures the improvement of the efficiency and reduces the costs in the building processes. All parties can access the information, and both contribute and collect the data needed thereby creating the basis of the database and increasing the quality of the data in the process.

We have constantly ambitious development plans for our products for the benefit of the digitalisation of the construction industry, with the motto, ‘Together we will create project happiness’.

BIMEYE and INTERAXO are the corner stones of what is to become the best BIM Collaboration solution for construction and infrastructure projects in the Nordics.


About Addnode

Our strategy is to acquire, operate and develop entrepreneur-driven companies that help digitalise society. We have a market leading position in Europe for software and services for design, construction and product data and we’re a leading supplier of document and change management systems to the Swedish and Norwegian public sector enabling efficient administration and communication with citizens. Addnode Group is an international information technology company with 1,600 employees in 17 countries.

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

In a report from Chalmers university, it was revealed that 80% of all the projects, builders are running are the same practices, and only 20% are unique. By adding BIMEYE to your BIM management of your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project by being able to focus on the 20% that are unique for each project, as the 80% of the practices will be done based on the digital methodology in BIMEYE.l.
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Corona Update

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