NCC signs BIMeye CDE-agreement

NCC signs BIMeye CDE-agreement
Today, we are happy to announce that a Common Data Environment agreement, based on the BIMeye solution, has been signed between the NCC and Symetri, Business Unit Project Services.
NCC is one of the largest Symetri contractor customer using the BIMeye Common Data Environment-solution. The past few years, NCC has been working with BIMeye on various large construction projects and the positive results of this work has led to the corporate decision that BIMeye will become part of the NCC portfolio for optimising the efficiency in the work of transitioning to digitalised data driven information management. The agreement was today signed by Timo Mäenpää, Manager, IT-services, NCC and Symetri’s Pål Janson.

NCC’s Construction projects are in the transition from manual document driven information handling to digitalised data driven information handling.   According to Marcus Bergljung, Senior VDC Method Developer, BIMeye serves a crucial need to transfer all non 3D-model contained design information (room data-sheets, door cards, etc.) into a data structure.

For this, BIMeye has a very generic approach and it is therefore the right choice for implementing the new digital processes.
For more information please contact:

Marcus Bergljung

Senior VDC Method Developer
Linkedin:orPål Janson, Business Unit Project Services
Mobile: +46 70 603 48 13
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Corona Update

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