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BIMeye as your new CDE data-platform for an efficient and smart BIM methodology

FREE Webinar: Sign up for Our Webinar about BIMeye

BIMeye Common Data Environment (CDE) is
a digital database in the cloud. Here, the partners in a building
project can collect and share all data
in any given construction, from idea to facility management.

With the large volumes of data created and shared
in a buildings life cycle, BIMeye CDE becomes your ideal environment
for improving the communication, the collaboration and the efficiency
in your construction projects.

At this webinar you will get to know how to

  • Design and plan your projects, and share the details with your partners in the project via the database.
  • Let your designers synchronise their data from their models directly from Revit, Tekla or other software, using IFC
  • Benefit from the easy access to quality assured BIM data, when on site
  • Integrate BIM data in facility management via data in BIMeye


This FREE webinar (in English) will take place October 16 at 10 – 11
We are looking forward to showing you how you can ease your work with BIM through BIMeye.


Kind regards
BU Project Services, The BIMeye Team

Become our new product manager

Become our new product manager

Do you have the skill set to be the co-creator of the best future collaboration solution for BIM projects in both Norway, Sweden and abroad? Then we need you as our new product manager!
Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

The name change is part of a proces that commenced in 2018 with the aquisition of Apricon, a Swedish company. In 2019 with the aquisition of BIMEYE, the company has gained a new and even stronger position within solutions for BIM management, BIM data and models in construction projects.
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