Customers are using BIMeye to Develop Digital Twins

More focus on building digital twins in new construction projects

NCC Sweden, Projsec, White Architects and Tengbom Architects, and building owners such as Örebroporten are some of the BIM ont runners in Sweden.

By implementing new methodologies that enable the creation of a digital twin, their future buildings will be secured in their entire lifecycles and beyond.

One of the methodologies that enable the stakeholders, consultants and partners in such construction projects is the BIMeye cloud solution.

BIMeye is the equivalent of a project portal for document management, only not based on files and documents, but on data from assets (building parts). In a safe, speedy and easy to access common data environment, partners and stakeholders can contribute and withdraw updated real-time data, regardless of their roles in the BIM project. The data is synchronized between the design tool and the database.

This allows all project members to access the latest updated and correct information, bringing speed and quality to the construction project.

A central repository of digital data

It is a carefully managed central repository of digital data to service BIM-process driven building projects.

BIMeye also provides support for BIM level 3 (integrated BIM and Lifecycle Management). BIM level 3 is the only level at which to perform BIM if you want to be able to obtain all the “values” stated around BIM.

The Digital Twin: BIMeye as the missing link

The frontrunners in implementing BIM have discovered they need a strategy for information delivery for their BIM projects. BIMeye keeps track of the graphical data and connects this to their preferred BIM Design tool and to their Document Management tool. By this linking the Digital Twin is created.

BIM is People, Process & Technology coming together
The Digital Twin is only achieved when capable people collaborate during all phases in a BIM process and take responsibility to follow defined standards and procedures.

Jesper Hedlund, Örebroporten

Customer seeing the long-term benefits of BIMeye

According to Jesper Hedlund from Örebroporten, the long-term benefits and ROI of having a digital twin will make the work creating it worthwhile:

Maintenance, searches, reparations, daily service with i.e. bookings everything is much more smooth when you use BIM this way. The technology is in place, we just need a proper structure to make it even more user-friendly.


Even in renovation, the digital twin will be beneficial.

– If ever you would tear down the construction, you can do it more efficiently and systematically, as you have the exact data in the building and how you need to handle these data.

Below you can find links to our two case studies on how NCC and Projsec and Örebroporten together with White and Tengbom Architects have developed not only a BIM project but a digital twin, by implementing BIMeye and the best practices of BIM this implies. 

NCC & Projsec

NCC & Örebroporten


Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

In a report from Chalmers university, it was revealed that 80% of all the projects, builders are running are the same practices, and only 20% are unique. By adding BIMEYE to your BIM management of your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project by being able to focus on the 20% that are unique for each project, as the 80% of the practices will be done based on the digital methodology in BIMEYE.l.
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Corona Update

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