Design Management Forum was all about the digital future – Get Our Notes!

Design Management Forum was all about the digital future – Get Our Notes!

Design management forum was all about the digital future and what we as humans need to be aware of when implementing new technology in our innovations.


According to research around digital transformation in businesses, digital transformation will eventually shape or re-shape an enterprise and its ecosystem to better compete for the future.  The interesting thing about digital transformation though is that at its core, its promise is driven less by technology or change for the sake of change. It’s driven by a higher purpose of competing for relevance amongst a connected, informed, and discerning customer…and their corresponding connected networks of peers, influencers, and audiences. Digital transformation starts with a simple duo of questions, “what would my digital customer (and employee) do and how is it different than my traditional stakeholders of yesterday?” *



These questions along with many other issues were discussed from the main stage at DMF2018 by the guest speakers, Roland Zellers, Märtha Rehnberg, Jonas Kjellberg and Michael Johansson, among others. Focus here was very much on the word exponential growth in various ways for both you as a person and for you as a company. How can we as humans make sure to adapt to the new technology whilst applying our networking abilities, adding human skills to the technological designs, engineering and creations?

Märtha Rehnberg expressed it like this; It’s not what the technology can do for you, it’s about what you can do for the technology.”
Another main focus during the two-day long and inspiring customer event, was how to ensure jumping on the right train in time when it comes to the digital evolution and innovation – and avoid the often mentioned ‘Kodak’ moment – and be left behind, as Kodak did when they failed to go digital.
Or as Jonas Kjellberg said it; “Dare to invest in a vision and jump”.

Jonas Kjellberg stressed the importance of being willing to share for free to gain publicity and success with a new invention. In a very honest and amusing speech, he told us how the very successful solution Skype was launched as a free tool in the beginning and how they managed to find free ways of marketing and launching it, which he called finding the zeros. Read more about this and much more in the attached pdf below.




One of the new digital solutions from Symetri, is the BIMeye Cloud solution. At DMF2018, several speeches were covering the use of this open BIM tool that enables all partners in a construction project to work together in a seamless data workflow where updates a synched back to the BIM model and all data is accessible to all partners with a login to the database.
To prove to our customers, that this could be the solution that will ease the project planning from idea to facility management, Symetri offers our customers to test the solution for free for a limited period of time and these proofs of concepts have resulted in implementations of the solutions in large construction projects in both Sweden, Denmark and Norway.



The history behind BIMeye can be found here on this website. To cut a long story short, in 2010 WTT (White Tengbom Team) challenged Symetri to invent a platform combining Building Information Modelling with a BIM Data Management approach in the construction of New Karolinska Hospital. The first solution with the apps for various purposes was a reality in 2010 enabling the customer to share the possibilities of accessible data with their customers and partners in the construction projects. In this process, WTT in turn gave their wishes, needs and challenges when working with a project of this size. In 2014 these ideas were transformed and renamed into the solution today known as BIMeye.. (Read more here).
Since then, many customers have been testing the solution that make all data in a building project accessible through all the phases of the construction, by granting the partners access and a login to the database. No need for a BIM or CAD system to keep you updated on the status of the project.

Today, through persistent sales work, customer sharing their needs and challenges, accepting our consultant to hold workshops, and eventually storytelling through case studies and recommendations from one customers to the next, we have more than 500 registered users of the solution working daily with easy time saving access to important data.



At DMF2018, we had the pleasure of meeting several of our customers, some of them as speakers on the building industry track, where they told about how they have digitized their projects.

BIM manager Angie Mendez from A-lab in Norway elaborated on their use of BIMeye in the Barcode, Bispevika project. CEO Petter Bengtsson from Zynka BIM went on stage to talk about their use of BIM in Facility Management. Jonas Libérth from company Rejlers guested the DMF as well.
Rejlers have implemented BIMeye to simplify the coordination of the labelling of luminaires, accounting to client and contractor as well as information delivery to the contractor who is today a very happy user of the platform. Read more about Rejlers here.


These three customers are all skilled BIM ambassadors, with a deep insight and interest in the digital change.
Angie Mendez put it this way: “Implementing new technology is supposed to be a process and being a part of it makes you feel like you’re actually making a difference.”


At the DMF2018, a new digital cooperation was presented by Project Service’s Stefan Lindberg and Tomas Lindgren and Susanne Lund from Sigma Estimates with focus on a seamless digital data flow from procurement to final delivery.
The cooperation is between on one side BIMeye and Sigma Estimates and on the other side Logiq’s database Finfo for extensive exchange of digital BIM data. Finfo is largest database of product information in the Swedish building industry. Read more about the cooperation here




Read our report below from the Design Management Forum, that covers some of the speeches on main stage and the themes of challenging people to work smarter for a better future. You can download it and read about the Skype story, the Kodak moment and the digital evolution and much more in the pdf here below.

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

- Our customers will be able to start collecting the digital information already at the construction site with our mobile solutions. The basis of our BIM Collaboration solution is Interaxo and BIMEYE - but the acquirement of Unizite is important as an additional tool to this. With this new tool at hand, we have secured our growth strategy as it completes our product range with mobile solutions in the field of BIM information. Our customers will now have access to a secured way of presenting and registering their data in a mobile solution beginning already at the construction site, says Steinar Svinø, CEO at Tribia.
Become our new product manager

Become our new product manager

Do you have the skill set to be the co-creator of the best future collaboration solution for BIM projects in both Norway, Sweden and abroad? Then we need you as our new product manager!
Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

The name change is part of a proces that commenced in 2018 with the aquisition of Apricon, a Swedish company. In 2019 with the aquisition of BIMEYE, the company has gained a new and even stronger position within solutions for BIM management, BIM data and models in construction projects.
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