Vasakronan supports its projects with BIM in the cloud:

BIMEYE is the digital backbone of Vasakronan’s winning construction project, Celsius in Uppsala

BIMEYE is the digital backbone of Vasakronan’s winning construction project, Celsius in Uppsala

The Construction Management company Byggstyrning uses BIMEYE Cloud solution to enhance collaboration in several of their large construction projects.

BIMEYE and BIM360 side by side

Johannes RisAt the Symetri Nordic BIM Summit which was recently held in Stockholm, Johannes Ris, BIM manager of Byggstyrning, contributed with his speech on ‘BIMEYE and BIM360 Design, A cloud collaboration story’. Here, he told the audience about the many benefits of working with BIM and collaboration through the two cloud solutions; BIMeye and BIM360.

Formerly, Johannes Ris was BIM manager at Tikab, where he in a period of 3 years was in the group that implemented BIMeye in the large Slussen Lock Project with much success.

Today, as a partial contractor, and on behalf of the developer, the company Byggstyrning specializes in procurement by taking charge of the stakeholders and suppliers in the construction projects. Their responsibilities start already at the idea phase and last all the way through to facility management.

Byggstyrning is a 20-year-old company with 10 employees. At the moment, they work with a project portfolio of about 1,3 Billion SEK. The main task is to hire consultants and set up teams to run the projects. They cover the following:

  • Development throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Construction Management
  • Agent for building owners recruiting consultants for the various tasks.
  • Gather teams for projects.


One of the customers to Byggstyrning is Swedens largest facility owner, Vasakronan. Connected to this customer, Byggstyrning has 75 BIMEYE users running several projects in BIMEYE; Head Office of Livsmedelverket and Tyréns new head office in Stockholm.

The numerous benefits of the digitalization

According to Ris the benefits of the digital collaboration methods are numerous:

‘By managing the data in the construction projects, the risk of human flaws is radically reduced. We call it construction data management. Adding BIMEYE to the whole process has the following benefits:

  • BIMEYE holds all values.
  • We get contractual review options for the tenants.
  • You can zoom in on digital data, making small notes easy to read.
  • All the data comes from BIMEYE’

As the owner representative, taking care of the main tasks like project management, cost estimate, tenant processes, bidding process and production management as well as commissioning, having a tool like BIMEYE on board is a necessity. And it can be used in many ways.

Read more about the Vasakronan case study here

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

Dive into how BIMEYE can change your way of working with BIM

In a report from Chalmers university, it was revealed that 80% of all the projects, builders are running are the same practices, and only 20% are unique. By adding BIMEYE to your BIM management of your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project by being able to focus on the 20% that are unique for each project, as the 80% of the practices will be done based on the digital methodology in BIMEYE.l.
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Corona Update

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