Meet BIMeye at the Nolliplan Seminar

Architects for Architects

In this year's edition of Architects for Architects, Nolliplan have invited three of Sweden's most interesting architect offices, petra gipp studio, Urban Design and Tengbom, to talk about their projects and how they work.

We also show a concept where you can estimate your design in a new, unique way.

Symetri shows how BIMeye is used by BAU architects.

IVL talks about the coming demands for climate declarations and how we can solve this in a smooth way.

Come and be inspired, informed and meet colleagues.

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October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

October 15 is Release of BIMEYE 3.0

We are excited to announce the launch of BIMeye in a new version, that we call BIMEYE 3.0. We have listened to your feedback and have now developed a serious upgrade of BIMEYE with many benefits for you no matter what kind of role you have in a building project. Are you ready for an upgrade that will create even more efficiency in your projects?
Sign up for the BIMEYE Certified Professional course

Sign up for the BIMEYE Certified Professional course

By attending this course, you will become a BIMEYE certified Professional. This certification is a great evidence of your competencies and skills. It will help you and your company develop and increase your skills working with BIM in general, focusing on productivity and efficiency.
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