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Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Sep 19, 2018

NCC signs BIMeye CDE-agreement

Today, we are happy to announce that a Common Data Environment agreement, based on the BIMeye solution, has been signed between the NCC and Symetri, Business Unit Project Services. NCC is one of the largest Symetri contractor customer using the BIMeye Common Data Environment-solution. The past few years, NCC has been working with BIMeye on various large construction projects and the positive results of this work has led to the corporate decision that BIMeye will become part of the NCC portfolio for optimising the efficiency in the work of transitioning to digitalised data driven information...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Sep 11, 2018

Streamline Your Planning with BIMeye Door Manager

By adding BIMeye Door Manager to your next building project, you and your team will ease the collaboration throughout the entire project.   The How To’s Create, change, sort and publish door specifications, even when distributed in several model files in the same projects. All you need is access to the internet.   The Why’s Door manager is part of the BIMeye Common Data Environment solution.  Allow yourself and your colleagues to log in to a new way of working with BIM; work together by collecting and handling all information on doors in your projects. And gather ...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Aug 20, 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark: Afternoon event on how to avoid low productivity in your building projects

Decreasing productivity in the building industry is a big issue in the trade media these days. Symetri, Project Services and the Danish Union IDA open the doors to an  exciting afternoon with focus on how to solve this on Thurday, August 23, in Copenhagen.   Decreasing productivity in the building industry is an increasing problem, with a yearly cost of around 9.7 billion DKK. It turns out, the lack of communication due to old habits is one of the major reasons. However, by taking in the new proven technology this could soon be history.   The meeting will take place after work ho...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jun 01, 2018

Free web courses in BIMeye – sign up now!

Now we offer 3 BIMeye web courses, free of charge!! Take this opportunity and sign up for our web courses to learn how to work smarter with connectivity. You'll learn all you need to be able to manage your next project in BIMeye. The length of the courses vary from 1 to 2 hours and you participate from your own desk and pc! Read more here and sign up - for free!
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
May 16, 2018

Design Management Forum was all about the digital future – Get Our Notes!

Design Management Forum was all about the digital future and what we as humans need to be aware of when implementing new technology in our innovations.     The main message concerning growth and digitalisation was openness: customers sharing ideas, platforms and solutions According to research around digital transformation in businesses, digital transformation will eventually shape or re-shape an enterprise and its ecosystem to better compete for the future.  The interesting thing about digital transformation though is that at its core, its promise is driven less by technology or c...