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Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jan 10, 2019

You can now sign up for our 6 new webinars!

Want to know more about our solution? We have scheduled 6 new webinars in English, and you're invited to join. Please follow this link to learn more. [/vc_column][/vc_row]
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Nov 29, 2018

Join us at the Nordic BIM Summit March 28-29

Welcome to Nordic BIM Summit 2019, where we explore new technology and the latest trends that are influencing the building and infrastructure industry  Join us and learn best practice in implementing the new BIM tools in future projects. Save the date and book your ticket:
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Nov 20, 2018

Work Smarter With BIM: apply the one app that manages the revisions in your projects

Be sure to sign up for this interesting webinar on how to handle revisions and changes in all your projects. Please note this webinar will be in Swedish.
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Oct 09, 2018

FREE Webinar: Sign up for Our Webinar about BIMeye

WEBINAR: BIMeye as your new CDE data-platform for an efficient and smart BIM methodology   BIMeye Common Data Environment (CDE) is a digital database in the cloud. Here, the partners in a building project can collect and share all data in any given construction, from idea to facility management. With the large volumes of data created and shared in a buildings life cycle, BIMeye CDE becomes your ideal environment for improving the communication, the collaboration and the efficiency in your construction projects. At this webinar you will get to know how to Design and pl...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Sep 20, 2018

With BIMeye 3D viewer you can visualise your work. Watch the video and see how!

With the 3D viewer for BIMeye you can overview your project in a visual way. Synchronise your model from Revit or SimpleBIM to your project and use 3D objects for editing BIM data. Search for specific data and get a visual overview in the 3D model which objects meet the search critera. Choose the product you are working with: Edit your work: Watch your work in 3D and be able to zoom in and fix errors and add changes This demo of the 3D viewer will give an example of how you work with a synchronised BIM model in BIMeye Asset Manager. Search for specific data and explore it in 3D viewer, se...