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Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Dec 15, 2017

Johanneberg, Akademiska Hus – A Working Lab will be developed based on BIMeye

In the latest edition of the Swedish construction trade magazine, Branschaktuellt, Myrna Whitaker in an article about the innovative companies behind a new science park development; Johanneberg Science Park described how BIM is one of the major keys to a successful result. As BIMeye is one of the major tools in the BIM work, we are happy to bring excerpts of the article here on the site in order to spread the news that the database solution is not only working for the parties in the early stages and in construction but especially important when it comes to facility management. He...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Dec 04, 2017


bimeye job.fw
Want to help the building industry with the real deal within digitalisation?   As the leading supplier of digitalisation development to the building industry in the Nordics, we - together with our customers - become more and more involved in exciting projects with our cloud solution BIMeye.   BIMeye is the cooperation platform for efficient BIM driven building project processes, improved information flow and traceable transparent decisions.   Then you may be the right person for us! As our existing and active projects in our cloud service are increasing dramatical...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Nov 27, 2017

Ajour System A/S and Symetri have signed a partner agreement on expanding BIMeye in Europe

  Ajour System A/S and Symetri have signed a partner agreement to create a powerful cooperation concerning development, sales and implementation of the BIMeye solution in Europe   The cooperation will unite the forces of the two enterprises to expand the offering on the European market. The agreement implies that Ajour System A/S will handle the marketing and sales as well as take part in the further development of BIMeye. This includes the handling, implementation and support of the solution. In order to be able to offer the efficiency opportunit...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Oct 26, 2017

Learn more about BIMeye – participate in our webinar, November 7

bimeye webinar (1).fw
Want to know more about the use of BIMeye? Please join us at the Webinar for users of BIMeye on November 7th at 10 AM. We'll walk you through the following topics: - Logg in - User interface - Select model and levels - Show and sort columns - Search and filter - Describe - Change - Copy to/from Sign up on this link. Please note the webinar will be in Swedish. However, please contact us, if you want a session in English. Thank you.
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Oct 16, 2017

COME AND BIM WITH US at the Nordic Architecture Fair in Gothenburg, Nov. 7-8th

    Together with one of our partners, Graphisoft, we have the pleasure of participating in the Nordic Architecture Fair which is held in Gothenburg in Gothia Towers on November 7-8th.   Intestested in participating, get your ticket here   Who will shape the future? "This busy two-day event will see architects, town planners, property developers and building contractors coming together to discuss one of today’s most pressing questions: What kind of society do we want in the future, and how will it function? The suppliers and consultants will be there,...