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Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Aug 21, 2017

BIMeye/Symetri in new collaboration to support digitalisation of construction projects with focus on BIM and Virtual Reality

  How does one succeed in reaching a digital construction process? Symetri and Tikab, both experts in BIM and digital processes, have been working closely together in the project New Slussen Lock as well as in the renovation project of the property portfolio Botkyrkabyggen. Working with integrated BIM in these two prestigious renovation projects, the development of BIM methodologies has been elaborative between Symetri and Tikab resulting in many benefits for all parties involved in both the New Slussen Lock project and the Botkyrkabyggen property project. At the same time,...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jul 28, 2017

The Norwegian architecture company, A-Lab, is building BIM bridges with BIMeye in the prestigious Barcode project

When projecting one of the Barcode buildings (DnB headquarters) Angie Mendez from A-Lab became the BIM coordinator and hands-on advisor for the client Oslo Utvikling (OSU). In her search for an open BIM solution that could help keep track of all the information in this huge project, Angie used BIMeye as a proof of concept. “Oslo Utvikling was about to sell 60,000 m2 of the three underground floors of the Barcode.  It was crucial for the negotiation to have an accurate overview of the areas available and their uses. The project was modelled in Revit but the developers and real estate ...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jun 29, 2017

BIMeye is the time saving link in the Slussen Lock Project for Rejlers Sweden AB

Rejlers in Scandinavia
In the construction of the Slussen Lock project, Rejlers have found BIMeye to be the link that enables a smooth collaboration between the two consultant companies within electro engineering (Rejlers and ÅF). This saves many hours of manual work for both consultants. With BIMeye, the two engineering companies obtain a common, transparent and efficient way of working with data management.  According to BIM manager Jonas Libérth, the collaborative work in their field has been improved immensely by adding the BIMeye database solution to their working methods across the entire project...
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jun 21, 2017

Imagine a solution that unifies design, production and management into one stabilizing center.

bimeye screen
Watch our little movie about your possibilities in the world of BIMeye     Imagine being able to run projects by bringing speed and quality to every phase and facet of a building’s lifespan.   Imagine combining all the contributions from the architects and the engineers, the contractors and the construction teams, all the way to the facility managers and property owners with one single solution.   We imagined it. And developed it. It’s a great leap forward… and we call it BIMeye.   Contact us today and we will help you get to the next level of BIM.
Malene Lyngesen Grønne
Jun 16, 2017

New Karolinska Solna University Hospital wins European Healthcare Design Awards

  Sweden’s most complex BIM project, New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, wins European Healthcare Design Awards. The hospital is being built to operate for up to a hundred years and has as such been planned as general, flexible and of high quality. It is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced building projects. Read the article - click here   Congratulations from the BIMeye team!   Read the BIMeye case study on how New Karolinska Solna University Hospital took part of the initial BIMeye development.