BIM Data Management

Efficient BIM data collection, collaboration and coordination

Data Collaboration & Management



Program management from early phases. Define and plan your project functions and communicate them to your project members



Let the designers sync their models directly from Revit, and ArchiCAD or from any other software using IFC



Benefit from easy access to quality assured BIM-data accessible on site.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Integrate BIM data to your Facility Management with BIMEYE

Learn more about BIMEYE throughout the entire Building Lifecycle!

Collaborate and refine your BIM data using the BIMEYE methodologies (Best Practices and apps) even without a BIM or CAD software program.


BIM Data Management

If you are working with BIM, and you want to work smart, then you’ve ended up in the  right place!

Do these questions sound familiar to you:

  • I don’t really see the “values” stated around BIM as actual results in my BIM-processes and building projects.

  • How do I secure that I have a “digital twin”?

  • Can I receive all my different files and documents as a “digital delivery”

  • And how do I hand over my building to operations & maintenance?

- then we have good news for you!


A cloudbased Common Data Environment

With BIMEYE, our cloudbased Common Data Environment (CDE), we give you a carefully managed central repository of digital data to service your BIM-process driven building projects.

BIMEYE provides support for BIM level 3 (integrated BIM and Lifecycle Management). BIM level 3 is the only level at which to perform BIM if you want to be able to obtain all the “values” stated around BIM.

The Digital Twin: BIMEYE as the missing link

If you're aiming even higher and you want a strategy of delivery information for your BIM projects, BIMEYE keeps track of the graphical data and connects this to your preferred BIM Design tool and to your Document Management tool. This linking gives you the illusive Digital Twin.

BIM is People, Process & Technology coming together

The Digital Twin is only achieved when capable people collaborate during all phases in a BIM process and take responsibility to follow defined standards and procedures.



Your Way of Running Building Projects is About to Change

The BIMEYE Cloud solution is a database solution, for BIM projects, accessible for all stakeholders via the Internet.

Based on Symetri’s database platform, we have developed this solution using advanced web technology. This makes it is easy and quick for you to search, handle and sort large data volumes.

A BIM data base in the Cloud

As the database is cloud based, the access to the project information is enhanced enabling the stakeholders in your project to gain access and contribute their parts of the information - even without a CAD or BIM program. As a cloud service it is possible for all stakeholders to access the database simultaneously, thereby enhancing the efficiency, the collaboration and overall the communication from planning to delivery.

Access control systems ensure that only stakeholders with the correct permissions have access to work in the models and databases. In this manner, data is secured and controlled in the processes.


Data is synchronised

... between model and database via an add-on module in the CAD-/BIM program. You can also export the data in report format. The project administrator can decide on rules for which data can be edited, for example; should the model be a master or should the database? Or both, maybe?’ It is the actual needs in the project, decided by the parties involved, that determines these parameters.

You can also visualise the information in the model in different ways. For instance by colour codes in model views, the material lists in Schedules, or via tags, making the creation of a more enhanced and efficient stream of information possible in the building process.


Advanced access control systems

... ensure that only stakeholders holding the right permissions, can gain access to a project. Data is stored on a server farm, driven by a Tribia assigned strategic hosting (PaaS) partner, who has extremely high security against illegal trespassing.

In addition, the data is secured through systems and routines for advanced security backup.

The information in the project databases belong to our customers. Neither Tribia nor the employees at Tribia or other partners involved have permission to handle data in the database in other ways than for technical maintenance or support.


I'm interested, show me your Best Practices

Tikab recommends BIMEYE

According to Johan Stribeck at Tikab, the use of BIMEYE has improved the work with the large construction Slussen Lock in Stockholm. The fact that they can now work digitally and eliminate manual paperwork and document files also eliminates the risk of human flaws. BIMEYE provides all the paperfiles as reports drawn from the database just with a click of the mouse.

Tikab recommends BIMEYE to large projects

Tikab recommends BIMEYE as the main CDE platform for large constructions like Slussen

   “In order to meet the objectives regarding VDC, we have developed a delivery platform for the construction document phase, based on a minimum number of drawings. With BIMEYE we get structured deliveries of information centralised in a database environment.

BIMEYE syncs the data back to the Revit and Navisworks models and the users gain access to all BIMEYE information with the click of a mouse. To us, in this process, BIMEYE is a prerequisite for handling the information centrally, guaranteeing the quality of the information in all models.

Johan Stribeck, VDC manager from ELU/Tikab; about choosing BIMEYE)
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