Wingaardhs Architects

Wingaardhs Architects uses BIMeye Interior Manager in their design of SEB, Arenastaden

  • Lack of overview,
  • Many manual procedures,
  • Time consuming manual work, 
  • Transition from 2D to Revit
  • BIMEYE Interior Manager, 
  • Work Methodologies by Symetri consultant 
  • Consultancy in shifting from 2D to Revit through Interior Manager
Customer Benefits
  • a better overview and control
  • a very efficient way to manage the descriptions. 
  • no need to deliver a lot of different lists and drawings, but only need an Excel file for products and digital plan views.
  • From this digital material, the material supplier, Input Interiör can sort and add, and then pick out the lists and drawings they need.


Wingårdhs Architects have won the interior design project in the design of SEB’s new head office

To support this work they have chosen to use the app ‘Interior Manager’ from the Cloud solution BIMeye for interior design.

The SEB project is large and complex with several thousands of rooms to be furnished. In order to handle the interior design in a structured way, Wingårdhs searched for new and more efficient working methods with supporting IT solutions.

Dealing with this type of project with traditional methods, such as with 2D in AutoCAD where you specify, describe and report the interior design in programs such as Excel and Word is both challenging and time consuming. It also entails great risks and margins of error. After evaluating various systems, Wingårdhs chose to use the BIMeye app Interior Manager. At the same time, they decided to switch from Autocad and start working on the project in Revit.
Automatically from 2D AutoCAD to Revit
Initially, Wingårdhs had started the work by drawing the interior plans in 2D in AutoCAD. To avoid having to redraw everything in Revit the consultants from Symetri developed a functionality enabling the architects to convert the project to Revit, automatically.
By exporting the furnishings and redesigning them into Revit objects, and creating new interior models in Revit automatically, the interior designers at Wingårdhs saved many hours of manual work redrawing the entire interior design.

Expert consultancy from Symetri secured a safe and efficient start-up

In the transition to new working methods with Revit and BIMeye, Symetri has played an important role in supporting Wingårdh Architects implementing the methodology. By educating the participants in the project, supporting methodological discussions and developing software features for the conversion of models from AutoCAD to Revit, the Symetri consultants have secured an efficient start-up for Wingårdh in the project.

According to the new users at Wingårdhs, the work with the interior design through the BIMeye database solution is very efficient as the Interior Manager provides you with the functionality to search, filter, describe and report all their data. In addition to this, Wingårdhs, together with the material supplier, Input Interiör, have developed a method for communicating information about furnishing products between them. This gives Input Interiör access to the digital product lists and plan views, which they can import for further use in their internal processes such as calculation, ordering and delivery planning.





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