NCC chooses BIMeye in the project Sky City Office One at Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Continuous improvement of BIM processes


BIMeye Requirement Manager

BIMeye Room Manager

Customer Benefits

The solution allows the involved parties to 

  • add,
  • refine and
  • use data

collected in the heart of BIMeye, according to their special needs

and thereby ease the mutual collaboration.

Together, the two buildings will contain 15,600 m2 for business purposes, 10 stories tall, by the Arlanda Airport. For Arlanda, this will be another step towars becoming the largest airport in Scandinavia.

In the project, where NCC are the contractors, the choice for handling room planning and requirements has fallen on the BIMeye Requirement Manager app. The agreement also implies the implementation and use of other apps in the BIMeye concept.

Supporting BIM and VDC processes with BIMeye

Erik Hilmius, the VDC (Virtual Design Construction) specialist at NCC states that it is crucial to constantly improve their work processes;

At NCC, we are working on continuous improvement of our processes. An important part of this is our work with the VDC and BIM. VDC for us is all about managing information in the BIM model through the construction process at all stages.

By choosing BIMeye, NCC will be able to work in a more efficient way with less manual work.

The project has several stakeholders such as VDC-managers, purchasers and project managers. Not to mention the architects and other engineers as electricians, HVAC suppliers and other vendors. All of which will be granted access to BIMeye. Once in BIMeye, the solution allows the involved parties to add, refine and use data collected in the heart of BIMeye, according to their special needs.

As Erik Hilmius says;

- We have chosen the BIMeye solution as we can see that we will reduce errors and save time working with the methodologies in the apps.

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