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Improved efficiency in the renovation project Boligforeningen Postparken with Room Manager

In order to improve efficiency in the housing renovation of Boligforeningen Postparken, a facility with more than 400 appartments in Kastrup, TNT Architects have chosen BIMeye Room Manager.

Centralise all the information and data from each apartment without having to draw up each apartment separately.


BIMeye Room Manager:

  • supports the data handling 
  • is the single source of information in the entire project.
  • enables correction and updating of data in one place and
  • ensures that new information is present on all drawings and documents in the project.
Customer Benefits

Correction, updating and sharing information made easy

In order to improve the efficiency in the housing renovation project Boligforening Postparken, TNT Architects have chosen BIMeye Room Manager.

The facilities, consisting of 13 apartment buildings, were built in the late 1940s. The aim with the renovation work is to upgrade and improve the energy consumption in the buildings to contemporary standards and add more large homes for households with children. Furthermore, a new 300 m2 neighborhood centre.

TNT has conducted process consultancy focusing on the democratic proces for the residents, leaving the choice of the new types of kitchens and bathrooms up to the residents in each their apartments.

Choice of database solution

According to Kristian Boll, process responsible, tnt architects were searching for a database solution in which one could control these individual resident’s choices of kitchens and bathrooms covering everything down to tiles, colours, types etc.

After a testperiod with BIMeye as a successful Proof of Concept, tnt has now chosen Room Manager as their new database from BIMeye.

The benefits of BIMeye Room Manager

”With BIMeye we will be able to centralise all the information and data we have from each apartment without having to draw up each apartment seperately. This data will be synchronised between BIMeye and Revit so both drawings and list of materials are updated simultaneously. This includes the individual choice of the residents. Through the database we obtain a datasheet with a 2D drawing and a list of data as to colour, type of kitchen, type of bath chosen in each home.

We wanted a solution which could support the datahandling and be the single source of information
for the entire project. That way, we can correct and update data in one place and ensure that this new
information is present on all drawings and documents in the project. BIMeye has proven capable of
all this.

We now have a system, where we also can generate a visual document reporting as a pdf with a description and an image of both kitchen and bath for each apartment. This pdf will then be sent to the installation companies leaving no doubt about which type of elements the residents have chosen,“ Kristian Boll says.

Saves time by eliminating sources of errors

Kristian Boll has no doubt that working with BIMeye will be extremely beneficial:

”The best part is the time we save by avoiding the sources of errors. By saving just a couple of hours a week working with data in Room Manager we will break even with our investment in BIMeye long before the project is over and delivered. Actually, we will save even more, as I
see it now,

Kristian Boll says.

The two employees working on the project, who should have drawn more than 400 drawings for all the apartments, can now reduce the amount to 20. The rest of the variations for all apartments will be handled as data in BIMeye.

”It looks very promising. Our cooperation has started with a physical workshops together with Petter Alm and with Anna Ringsén supporting on distance. By using Room Manager and reducing the number of drawings we will eliminate the sources of errors in the project in general, making it a lot easier to control the volume of data in the construction project”,

Kristian Boll says.


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