ELU Konsult


The County of Stockholm


To rationalise and reduce the amount of drawings, and time spent on manual work, need to introduce working with the BIM modeling.


A cloud based service with full integration to the BIM model. Information is typed in once and will be present in all systems. The app service is accessible for various parties in the projects adnd no skills for BIM program are needed.


The Service BIM Asset Manager a part of Symetri's web based database solutions, BIMeye.


When prioritising BIM and VDC in the project of the design of the new Slussen in Stockholm, the city of Stockholm is ahead of the processes. Hence, in order to rationalise and reduce the amount of drawings, and time spent, they have decided to introduce construction mainly according to the BIM models.


By introducing the BIMeye app BAM – BIM Asset Manager – the engineering company ELU Konsult obtains support for an efficient handling of property data on items such as piles, sheet piles and bracing.


BIMeye supports data linked from over 50 Revit models adding new possibilities for improving efficient processes for all parties involved in the project.

This information is synced to BIMeye, where foundation contractor, Skanska, supplies the project with  detailed text information on each pile, covering 80 separate parameters needed by the structural engineer, ELU Konsult, plus 30 parameters for its own use:


As each batch of 50 piles is drilled and installed, Skanska feeds as-built data back into BIMeye to enable the structural engineer to check progress against the design. As-built parameters include final X, Y, Z coordinates, depth, the number of extra steel sections that had to be welded, and technical data on ground pressure.


BIMeye then syncs the data back to the Revit and Navisworks models to give users real time access to all BIMeye information with the click of a mouse.

Johan Stribeck, VDC manager from ELU/Tikab; about choosing BIMeye;

–        “In order to meet the objectives regarding VDC, we have developed a delivery platform for the construction document phase, based on a minimum number of drawings. With BIMeye we will get deliveries of information in information models, stakeout data and other types of information withdrawals from the BIM models.

The foundation in Slussen is immense and contains detailed and unique handling of building information for each of the 3,600 piles.go

To us, in this process, BIMeye is a prerequisite for handling the information centrally, guaranteeing the quality of the information in all models.”

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