PEAB and the Municipality of Hammarö reduce costs extensively by integrating BIMeye



The Municipality of Hammerö


To optimise the BIM process in the project planning and in construction


BIMeye Data base solution



PEAB and the Municipality of Hammarö reduce costs extensively by integrating BIMeye

In order to optimise the data management in their facilities the Municipality of Hammarö has commenced an internal work.
The goal is to improve the digital documentation of the buildings in the city. Ensuring the quality and the accessibility of the information on the resources means extensive cost reductions in the every day administration.



Fredrik Jarälv, Facility manager in the Municipality of Hammarö:
In this collaboration with Peab, we will develop an improved work and information flow. For long, we have strived to find solutions that are more suitable. Together with the project Djupängen, we have met two partners in Peab and Symetri who can deliver high competency in this area. It will be exciting to work together with them in this project.


As far as PEAB is concerned, they will put great effort into developing the work around BIM. The company is continuously working on developing new methodologies based on high competency around improving the efficiency in the project and production processes with BIM. In cooperation with Hammarö Municipality, they have now started a mutual development project in order to create a continuous information flow from project planning and production to facility management.

In this cooperation Symetri was consulted in order to deliver their BLM concept (Building Lifecycle Management). The task is to:


  • Develop a requirement analysis (the information, requirements and demands that Hammarö Municipality will need in order to proceed)
  • Develop the methodology around how to fulfil this requirement analysis efficiently in both project planning and production.
  • Integrate the accumulated information in the maintenance system of Hammarö Municipality.


In order to fulfil these tasks, BIMeye will be implemented as a platform for the collection of required information. The requirements will be made in BIMeye, in which project leaders and PEAB can efficiently handle the information. The information is then validated before the integration with the maintenance system.


Fredrik Berg, BIM manager at PEAB on the choice of BIMeye and the cooperation with Symetri:

Fredrik Berg
“We at PEAB will contribute to the delivery of improved information to our customers. We do not believe in paper and various files as the best way to handle large information volumes. We see great potential in working with BIM this way. We will obtain a more efficient project planning and efficient gathering of information in BIMeye. This means that our processes with production will have a simple access to valuable data suitable for planning, procurement, calculation, cost control and more. Hammarö municipality will also obtain what they need, which is an access to the exact information they require, collected in a structured way in a database instead of very many various files.


Fredrik Berg continues:

When it comes to information handling, the benefits of working in a database instead of a file base are multiple. Through BIMeye we can aggregate, validate and analyse data efficiently in a safe environment. BIMeye will make the item information accessible for more people – not only by those with access and competency in working with CAD. The fact that the item information becomes accessible for more people, other than CAD or BIM experts, makes it unique and it becomes a means of communication as the information access will increase the sharing possibility in the project.