Löwenströmska Sjukhuset



Löwenströmska Sjukhuset


Manual handling of room descriptions without connection to a BIM model takes too long and often result in old information.


A cloud based service with full integration to the BIM model. Information is typed in once and will be present in all systems. The app service is accessible for various parties in the projects and no skills for BIM program are needed.


The Service Door Manager a part of CAD-Q's web based database solutions, called BIMeye.

Löwenströmska Sjukhuset

The cloud service BIMeye Room Manager is a solution, which gives the user the possibility for creating, changing and publishing room information in one or more 3D models in the same project. Arkitema in Stockholm use the service in the extensive reconstruction project Löwenströmska Sjukhuset in Upplands Väsby.


The project involves a new technical supply and design for approximately 2,000 rooms and the project group is happy with the BIMeye Room Managers time saving functionality.


Arkitema in Stockholm is the centre for the Swedish Arkitema activities. The company origins from Denmark and belongs to the Danish Arkitema Architects. The goal is to establish a strong Scandinavian architect company with profound competency within design and architecture, based on common values.

has several large projects running, both new buildings and reconstruction projects.

The largest construction projects for the Stockholm office are two new hospitals in Stockholm and one in the town Finspång. A lot of exchange is going on between the Sweden and Denmark offices, and they profit internally from the experiences and skills that both offices possess.


All data in one place

Björn Ryman is an engineer and handles the improvements of the hospital Löwenströmska Sjukhuset in the town of Upplands Väsby. 35,000 square meters divided in approx. 2.000 rooms have to be redesigned and reconstructed for new purposes and must be equipped with new technical supplies.


The project and reconstructions process takes place in five different steps. For this purpose, Arkitema has employed the new and very smooth tool, BIMeye Room Manager, making it easy for all parties to gain access whilst working with large numbers of data – all in one place.


  • BIMeye Room Manager is really good, Björn says, – earlier we had to type in all data manually, so we really save a lot of time and the quality of the room descriptions is very high, as all data is always updated’.


As Room Manager is a cloud service, it gives the possibility to handling all room information in the project. Automatic generated room descriptions save a lot of time and secures the quality of the information through synchronizing all data with one or more 3D models. The user of Room Manager does not need a CAD program. Room Manager only requires an Internet browser, a smartphone and an access to the Internet.


Customised for the niche of Arkitema

The development of BIMeye Room Manager is based on advanced database technology, making it extremely quick to search in. Handling and sorting big data is done easily, and because it is a service, based on the internet, the accessibility is highly improved. In addition, thanks to the internet connection, several persons involved in the projects can gain access to and work with the information simultaneously.

Initially, the app BIMeye Room Manager was developed in a collaboration with the hospital project Nya Karolinska Sjukhuset. Arkitema is one of the first companies to use and work with the BIMeye Room Manager after the app launch and they are quite happy with the solution. As Arkitema is working on many reconstruction projects, the app will be customised for the special needs that Arkitema encounter. According to Arkitema the crew behind BIMeye has been good at listening and live up to the special demands and wishes:




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