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BIMeye for ArchiCAD

LINK arkitektur AB chooses the cloud service BIMeye for their ArchiCAD solution in future building projects


Link Arkitektur


Optimizing and qualifying the handling of large amounts of data for particular building parts, both in the BIM model and in an open solution between consultants and other actors/parties in the process


A cloud based service with full integration to the BIM model. Information is typed in once and will be present in all systems. The app service is accessible for various parties in the projects and no skills for BIM program are needed.


The Services from BIMeye; Door Manager, Room Manager and Interior Manager.

Link Arkitektur

Thanks to a clear focus on design, in combination with an open and flexible communication, LINK arkitektur has chosen BIMeye. BIMeye is a cloud service giving increased accessibility to information in a building project. Through this groundbreaking cooperation with LINK arkitektur, BIMeye from Cad-Q will be linked to the BIM tool ArchiCAD.

LINK arkitektur has signed a cooperation agreement for BIMeye, a cloud service, giving people, without any connection to a CAD or BIM program, access to information in a building and design project. Amongst other things, the service includes the Apps; BIMeye Door Manager, Room Manager and Interior Manager. It is groundbreaking as this is the first time BIMeye will be able to collaborate with the BIM tool ArchiCAD. The first year will prove the value of the service through a test period. The test period will include the design of doors and interior design in particular.


The ambition for both parties is to develop a broad strategic BIM venture. Current projects are several hospitals and labs, starting with Södersjukhuset with Locum as the client.


Earlier this year, – with funding from the innovation authority Vinnova in Sweden – BIMeye took the first step towards a wider audience in the Nordic countries. A development venture is ongoing with the aim for an improved handling of international standards, such as IFC and COBie as is a development of a new 3D viewer. The agreement signed with LINK arkitektur is one step closer to a correct way of creating an open file format for BIMeye.

“At LINK arkitektur, we made a detailed research of the solutions available in the Nordic market. Thanks to their focus on the design phase and a large flexibility with an adjustable interface, we chose BIMeye. Openness and accessibility are important keywords for us,” says Linn Sundberg, BIM responsible, Sweden at LINK arkitektur AB.  ”We are very pleased with having found a tool that can help optimizing and qualifying the handling of large amounts of data for particular building parts, both in our BIM model and in an open solution between consultants and other actors/parties in the process”.


“The fact that LINK arkitektur has chosen BIMeye from us at Cad-Q might seem controversial, as we are an Autodesk reseller”, says Mats Persson, Business Unit Manager, Project Services, Cad-Q “

However, with BIMeye, we have made a strategic effort, as we aim at an open approach for standards and tools in the industry. In addition, we have long-term experience with design tools and BIM process support for the building industry. Now we are happy to see that our cloud service BIMeye can be part of the future development and give support to LINK arkitektur in their mission and ambitions in making sustainable, safe and efficient work processes“.


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