BIMeye – great confidence at Cedervall

Cedervall Arkitekter

Cedervall Arkitekter uses BIMeye apps and gains a true feeling of security


Fredriks Yrkes Gymnasium


Keeping track of all drawings, delivering high quality on time.


The BIMeye apps Door Manager, Interior Manager and Room Manager.


The cloudbased BIMeye Database

BIMeye – great confidence at Cedervall

Interior Designer at Cedervall Arkitekter strongly recommends BIMeye Interior Manager.


– The feeling of delivering a secure project is the best. With BIMeye we are safe and we deliver projects that are 100% right – every time!


For Agnese Blaubarde, who works with interior design, the BIMeye Interior Manager is helping her in many ways; eliminating the tedious routine work as counting and designing – and redesigning many details.


– BIMeye makes it so easy to communicate with our exterior consultants, – they have their own login, and we can talk about the design without misunderstanding anything, she says.


She points out that even a quite small project can profit from the use of BIMeye, as one eliminates countless hours of routine jobs with the Interior Manager App.


Being able to keep everything in one place in the database is important no matter the size of a project. Before, she had to find all the details in various places as in different Word- and Excel files.
When designing Fredriks Yrkes Gymnasium, in Huddinge, Sweden, Cedervall had great use of the Interior Manager. The design contained 1650 furniture pieces in around 310 rooms, and even if this was a minor building, the benefits using the BIMeye solution were essential.

With BIMeye it was possible to automatically generate a list of materials, colours, sizes and amounts of each furniture piece.


– I mostly synchronised just from Revit to BIMeye and did most of the job in BIMeye. There I made my own template, added pictures in and got the right quantity in the end.


After the project, all the configuration and report templates were saved to be used in future projects. This way, every time you start a project, all elements are present, and the start-up and configuration of the new project takes almost no time at all. You are up and running really fast; the BIMeye database keeps track and you have all the elements in one place.


A perfect easy-to-use-platform with great people and thoughts behind it

According to the architects at Cedervall, the fact that you can communicate easily with the consultants behind the solution, gives great confidence.

They both agree that BIMeye is a great product but in fact what really counts is the fact that the people behind it care and show up when they need them!


– it feels good that beyond this program are real persons who care about the product and people who use it. Its feel really good and safe!


Agnese Blaubarde, Interior Designer, Cedervall Arkitekter



Both interior designer Agnese Blaubarde and architect Martin Elia are very excited about working with BIMeye. They both state that it is very easy to use even in spite of the fact that they have very different back grounds.

Martin has worked many years with databases and he has been setting up the database and customized it to his needs. According to him, the implementation has run very smoothly and it has been very simple to work with. He did the work with setting up parameters himself. He has only used the consultants from the BIMeye team for guiding and finalizing the projects. According to Martin this work is all about planning before starting the Projects.


I am very excited about BIMeye. It has made my life so much easier. I know I am working on a secure platform. So when I leave the office at five o’clock, I no longer have to bring home work – AND I sleep well at night, says Martin, smiling.

In fact, he states that the feeling of delivering a secure project is the best.

Contrary to her colleague, Agnese was not used to working with databases. However, after only a few hours of training by the BIMeye consultants, Petter Alm and Anna Ringsen, she was up and running on the system.





– Working with the projects through BIMeye is so easy as we can easily communicate with the BIMeye consultants, – they have their own login, and we can talk about the design without misunderstanding anything.




Whenever any challenges occur, Agnese can ask Anna Ringsen or Petter Alm from Cad-Q to log on and they communicate through BIMeye, thus enhancing her skills at the same time.

Enhanced cooperation between the suppliers, entrepreneurs and construction companies 

Cedervall Architects have been using several of the Apps in BIMeye; Door manager, Room Manager, and last but not least Interior Manager.

The benefits using the door manager and the value of the data they gained in this made the architects want to start using the other BIMeye Apps.

Martin Elia


In the beginning we were really searching for a tool that could ease the BIM work. And as we talked to our Autodesk reseller Cad-Q, they told us about their new incentive in the Cloud, today called Bimeye. We felt very fortunate having Cad-Q onboard as they were up front working on new and very needed solutions, Martin says.


Entering into BIMeye through Door Manager

As Door Manager was the first app to be implemented, Cedervall now has a package for each door in BIMeye. The data are changed according to the information from the door supplier and all parties that need access to it have their limited space to edit in.


Without BIMeye it would have taken several meetings with the suppliers. There would have been no automatic updates, and only the physical and manual updates. These were eliminated by using BIMeye and the parties involved can access with their responsibility user interface – All configured and set up by Petter Alm from the BIMeye-team.

Room Manager used in the design of Försäkringskassan / Bankhuset

When designing Bankhuset, Cedervall started using the app Room Manager. Martin recalls that they were excited about this as they gained control of everything – when they made any changes in Revit it synchronized back to BIMeye so the database was changed as well, again saving a lot of time to all the parties in the project.


Reports from BIMeye – Datasheets with views for different users and purposes

When a project is done in BIMeye you can extract a word document with a template from BIMeye. BIMeye generates a report with a range of useful information; Revit information, the data from the architect, in this case Cedervall, the data from the external consultants, and a drawing as well as a list of the door functions.
These data are significant to the various users and suppliers to the project – who of course need different information from different people.
For instance, the contractors in the project log on with their own account, and thus they can see what they need to see and change what is within their responsibility. They get a description of materials for suppliers and a filter in BIMeye makes it easy to see the changes made by others.


A win-win for the entire process
According to Martin, the various partners are content and happy to use BIMeye – they see the changes in the database and can react immediately if something needs to be changed. This is so much easier than having numerous meetings to clean up mistakes in the previous manual processes. When last minute changes occur, which they often do, you can change these immediately.
Agnese Blaubarde estimates that they save 20 – 25% time; and describes this as a very good feeling;

You are safe leaving the projects knowing that the models are right. We have Revit in the office together with BIMeye – and Revit and BIMeye are synchronized.  – so we get the right specifications.

The use of Room manager is so smooth that we strongly recommend others to use it. If more of the offices involved in the construction processes are using BIMeye, everybody saves time and in the end this helps us delivering projects of very high quality.


Confidence is key
Cedervall use the time saved for controlling the project more thoroughly, which ensure the delivery of a better solution in higher quality and on time, whilst keeping the budget.

In addition, this gives us time to make nice and flawless presentations, Agnese adds, stating that interior manager will be used in future projects;

You work so much more structured in BIMeye.

We are ready for the future large assignments and projects. The flexibility, accessibility and automated working routines are some of the benefits that we will have when engaging in future large projects.

And Martin agrees:

We feel very confident. Our customers can feel this, they get confidence in us, and thus we gain more Projects.


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