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Ulls Hus, Uppsala

Door Manager improves the quality of the work with complex door environments.


Akademiska Hus



A cloud base service with full integration to the BIM model. Information is typed in once and will be present in all systems. The app service is accessible for various parties in the projects and no skills for BIM program are needed.


The Service Door Manager a part of CAD-Q's web based database solutions, called BIMeye.

Akademiska Hus

Door Manager improves the quality of the work with complex door environments.

BIMeye Door Manager is a cloud service that improves the quality of the work in project planning, and management of complex door environments. The service makes it easy to collect all information in one place, with easy access via the internet for everyone in the project, independent of which software program you are using or where you are physically. The customer Akademiska Hus in the city of Uppsala is working with the app Door Manager as a development project in new buildings as well as reconstructions of office buildings for SLU (the university of agriculture in Sweden), in Uppsala. The project is in the construction phase and is due to be finished in 2015.

Ulls Hus is a project of both new building and reconstruction of Campus Ultuna in Uppsala. The project consists of facilities for SLU, central management and administration, facilities for a new community oriented cluster and new teaching facilities complementary to the existing business premises.

– The project is in the construction and procurement phase, says Elisabeth Blomé, building administrator at Akademiska Hus in Uppsala.

All door environments have their own specifications
– There are around 1.000 doors in Ulls Hus. Every door has specific, important data, which must be documented on the drawings, she says.

– The doors are complex and consist of variable information depending on where the door is located and how it is used. The high demands on fire safety, accessibility and safety are examples necessary information in the documentation.– It can be about fire alarm; which doors have alarms, which do not and in what hours is the alarm active? Doors can have diverse opening hours; when do the doors close and who can enter? Furthermore, there can be various types of systems, when do these close and in what part of the Building?

Selection of specific information with easy access for all
With Door Manager everyone in the project is secured access to the same information. Before, everyone was working on their own, and there was high risk of losing data in the process. With all data in one database, accessible to all, that risk is gone.

– By using Revit in our project planning, we have been able to select the specific information. Various project planners can get data relevant to their exact area of expertise, for instance, an electrical engineer can get the exact information on which doors need card readers or alarms.
– This feature makes it so easy to go into specific areas, Elisabeth continues, – the doors have different purposes in different places in the building. When selecting data, you see where in the facility front doors of metal are designed to be and hence, the delivery is easy to guide to the right place.

With Door Manager we do it right from the start
– When the building process has reached the management stage, the carefully compiled information details on the doors have great value. Those in charge of the facility management have to do their own control checks and the information for this is available for each door environments. Should someone lubricate door closers, the manager can just draw out a list on where the doors in question are.

The development work with Door Manager is going on simultaneously with the project planning of Ulls Hus and Elisabeth sees a great potential in Door Manager in quality assuring door environments. She experiences the cooperation with Bimeye as developing and exciting.

– They listen to us and use common sense while making our visions into technical solutions.

Akademiska Hus is owned by the Swedish state and their assignment is to offer premises for universities and high schools in competition with other properties.

A facility of around 54 billion and a turnover of 5 makes the Akademiska Hus one of the largest facility management companies in the country. The company is situated in six regions with the main office in Gothenburg.


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