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What is BIMeye?

With BIMeye you will get a series of customised apps giving you the possibility to work smarter in a easy way, independent of any BIM or CAD programs. This gives all parties in a construction project access to the data all through the project planning and beyond to facility management

Choose BIMeye as your cloud services when you want to

– Work more efficiently
– Enhance collaboration
– Work safely with your project
– Be able to obtain greater predictability
– Deliver projects faster
– Minimise time and waste

The BIMeye Cloud solutions are database solutions, accessible via the Internet.

Based on Symetri’s database platform, we have developed this solution using advanced web technology. This makes it is easy and quick for you to search, handle and sort large data volumes.

As the database is web based, the access to the project information is enhanced enabling people, without a CAD or BIM program, to gain access and contribute information. The fact that it is a cloud service also makes it possible for more parties to access the information simultaneously, with the obvious opportunities this gives for efficient and quick communication this will entail.

Access control systems ensure that only people with the correct permissions get access to work in the models and databases. In this manner data is transferred safely and under full control over the process.

Data is synchronised between model and database via an add-on module in the CAD-/BIM program. You can also export the data in report format. The project administrator can decide on rules for which data can be edited, for example ’should the model be a master or should the database? Or both, maybe?’ It is the actual needs in the project, decided by the parties involved, that determines these parameters.

You can also visualise the information in the model in different ways. For instance by colour codes in model views, the material lists in Schedules, or via tags, making the creation of a more enhanced and efficient stream of information possible in the building process.

Advanced access control systems ensure that only persons granted the right permissions, can gain access to a project. Data is stored on a server farm, driven by a Symetri assigned strategic hosting (PaaS) partner, who has extremely high security against illegal trespassing.

In addition, the data is secured through systems and routines for advanced security backup.

The information in the project databases belong to our customers. Neither Symetri nor the employees at Symetri or other partners involved have permission to handle data in the database in other ways than for technical maintenance or support.

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