Room Management

With BIMEYE Room Management, you and your project team will have a cloud solution giving you several possibilities for collaboration throughout your projects.


An overview on all room information, synchronised with model files in a project.


Automatic room description reports Automatic PM-handling


Work anywhere, with or without a BIM/CAD program. All you need is an internet connection.


Room Management

With ROOM MANAGEMENT you get a cloud service, offering you the possibility to collect and handle all room information in a project and producing automatic reports with descriptions anytime you need them.

All data is synchronised between Room Management and one or more 3D models.
Hence, the solution saves valuable time and makes it easy to qualify and secure the room information in a project.

The service even provides the possibility of working with room data and extract room description reports independently of where you are – with or without a CAD program.

All it requires is an internet access and a webbrowser or a smartphone.

In ROOM MANAGEMENT you can create and handle templates for

  • Description reports
  • Modification log (PM)
  • Fittings and fitting lists
  • Parametric lists and parametric groups
  • Enclosure as pictures, PDF-files and more

Built with Room Management

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