Interior Management

BIMEYE Interior Management, gives you and your project team a cloud solution with several possibilities for collaboration
through out your projects.


All interior design management from one source. Always updated information.


Automatic interior design reports. Automatic features for repeated costs


Work anywhere, with or without a BIM/CAD program. All it requires is an internet connection.


Interior Management 

you can manage the interior design in your projects in a simple and very efficient way.

This practice allows you to

  • Easily create, modify, sort and publish information on interior design – in one or more model files.

  • Get a nice overview on your planning of the design in the project with for instance design overview, choice of material, dimensions, budget and other overviews.

  • Synchronise the information and the parametric between the model files and BIMEYE, and save valuable time, and

  • Ensure the qualification of the interior design in the entire project.
  • With Interior management you can make the right notifications on the objects in the models and to create automatic interior design reports based on unique options.

Customer Values & Benefits

– The feeling of delivering a secure project is the best. With BIMEYE we are safe and we deliver projects that are 100% right – every time! – BIMEYE makes it so easy to communicate with our exterior consultants, – they have their own login, and we can talk about the design without misunderstanding anything, she says.
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