Asset Management

With BIMEYE Asset Management, you and your project team will have a cloud solution giving you several possibilities for collaboration throughout your projects.


A complete overview of all asset information synchronised with all model files in a project.


Sort, filter and search all your assets in a project with BAM with a click of the mouse.


Access your data any time and any where regardless which role you have in a project

with the

Project Asset Management

you and your project team will be able to collaborate in a new more efficient way throughout your BIM projects. 

BIMEYE is a cloud service, that gives you and the members in the project easy access through a web interface to the valuable information in the project.

  • BIMEYE handles all building parts and categories from one or more building models.
  • Connect models from Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC.
  • Use standard functionality in BIMEYE to create, change, sort and publish BIM-data on the objects in the project.
  • Our add-ins to the supported softwares gives you the opportunity to sync information between BIMEYE and the origin software bi-directionally.

The access to BIMEYE is controlled by rolebased user rights. The app gives the users the opportunity to work together collecting and handling all information.

Using BIMEYE, you will save valuable time. At the same time, you get an easy method to qualify all information for objects in a project.

Working in the cloud, you always get access to the latest updated information in one single place, a common data environment.

Anywhere, Anytime.

You only need access to the internet and a web browser or a handheld unit.

Business Values for Asset Management

Quality assurance & new opportunities:

“It’s very important that all parts involved can contribute with the information they have responsibility for. That enriches the content of the models and makes the workflow in the project more efficient. “Establishing an interactive database for area management has created new opportunities for this project".

Built with Asset Management

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