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Challenges in the construction industry today

Currently, projects in the construction industry have special challenges related to digitalisation, well described in the in the research report ”Mapping the Information Economy: A Tale of Five Industries”:

  • Employees in the organisation are less connected
  • Few general central nodes, but semi-central nodes are connected to the construction site / project
  • Large proportion of external parties outside the organisation in the construction site / project


With BIMEYE, you support these interactions and you obtain transparency, quality, efficiency and you radically improve the collaboration in your construction projects.

Engaging in BIMEYE 

By engaging in and adopting BIMEYE to your daily routines, you let a cloud-based BIM data management system be the dynamic backbone of your BIM methodology. BIMEYE brings speed and quality to your construction projects from idea in the early phases, to the engineering and designing process and all the way to facility management.

What is BIMEYE?

All building projects need a project portal to streamline the collaboration of different files, documents, models etc.


BIMEYE - a project data portal

Practically, BIMEYE consists of a series of best practices and process management procedures allowing you to focus on your core business and work in a smarter way, independent of any BIM or CAD programs.

BIMEYE is the equivalent of a project portal for document management, only not based on files and documents, but on data from assets (building parts).

In a safe, speedy and easy to access common data environment, you and your colleagues, partners and stakeholders can contribute and withdraw updated real-time data, regardless of your roles in the BIM project.

This allows all project members to access the latest updated and correct information, bringing speed and quality to the construction project.


The BIMEYE concept is designed to meet the needs for cloud services

and efficient BIM Data Management during the building project,

giving you the following benefits:

  • Work with data from many BIM models, (from different BIM software with bi-directional 1:1 sync
  • Integrate BIM data to other systems (FM, ERP, Calculation)
  • Quality assurance of BIM data
  • Apps for streamlining specific processes

  • One central repository for all BIM data in the project
  • BIM-data accessible for all project members
  • Support for different roles and user rights
  • No need for the original BIM software

Best Practices

All apps or process management procedures are customised for each BIM project. Listed here below are some of our existing process management best practices: 

Room Management 3.0

With Room Management 3.0 you get a cloud service, offering you the possibility to collect and handle all room information in a project and producing automatic reports with descriptions anytime you need them.

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