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At Symetri we challenge people to work smarter for a better future.

Symetri enables innovative companies within the architectural, engineering, construction and industrial sectors to optimise workplace and improve quality throughout the design life cycle.

With over 300 skilled employees and 100,000 daily users across Northern Europe, we provide our clients with expert guidance covering everything from 3D modelling and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management and Building Information Modelling.

Many of our solutions follow the principles of Lean, and the benefits include lower development and production costs, a reduction in materials used and shorter time to market, not to mention leaving more room for creativity and better end results.

Symetri is 100% owned by Addnode Group.

If you would like to know more, please contact Symetri at www.symetri.com



Service Works Global Nordic

Service Works Global Nordic - formerly Symetri FM - offers expertise and system support for information management during a real estate's entire life cycle that improves communication, streamlines processes and creates conditions for profitable sustainability.

Our experts and systems helps property and business managers to collect, structure and use all building information from design and construction to operations and workplace management in an integrated flow, presented in clear dashboards, 2D and 3D models and mobile interfaces.

Our solutions are based on understanding of our clients' processes in data management and processing of information as well as opportunities for the development of daily operations.

We are part of the global organization Service Works Global with about 120 employees and over 20 years of experience in developing FM solutions and is owned by Addnode Group.

For more information please visit swg.com/se.





Nolliplan Sverige is the local partner and distributor for ARCHICAD in Sweden.

We customise and develop local Swedish standards for ARCHICAD. Our business has given us a strong position among Sweden’s architects and engineers.

This is shown in the numbers and commercial licenses and our market share.

Furthermore, we also market and sell SOLIBRI Model Checker for quality and control of BIM-models.

Want to get in touch, please go 
here www.nolliplan.se


Ajour system A/S

Ajour System A/S holds the digital tool box of the building and facility management industries and offers one entire solution with both web and app for all phases in the construction, including project web, procurement portal, construction management, quality assurance and building elements cards for administration and maintenance.

Ajour System A/S is a Danish company with 18 employees of which some are developers and some are consultants. Since 2009 the company has developed, sold and implemented the Ajour system, which today is one of the most employed and tested digital tools in both the Danish and the Icelandic building and facility management industry.

Ajour System A/S was awarded with the prize Gazelle 2017.

You can reach Ajour at www.ajoursystem.com



Eyeonim helps organisations and companies in the healthcare, education, datacenter and telecom sector to get the most out of their data. Unfortunately, we all too often see that the collection of data necessary for the optimal operation, management and maintenance of ones assets is not easy and some times end up failing.

If the collection does succeed, keeping it up to date is often a challenge. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you, as our client, have a high-quality and complete information file for your buildings, building-related installations and production equipment.

The information we collect and make accessible consist of 2D documents, 3D models and live data. Using our software and tools gives you an overview of what is happening, shows what the status of changes is, and most of all ensures you to be compliant to rules and regulations.

Contact us by phone or email, you’ll find us here www.eyeonim.nl

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