From Building Information Modelling to Building Information Management

The Development of BIMEYE

We help your business perform BIM in a safe environment in the cloud

We Help Your Business Improve Your BIM Processes in a Safe Environment in the Cloud.

In Business Unit Project Services (BUPS) we are inn charge of delivering our cloud-based BIM Data Management service BIMEYE to the construction industry.

BUPS is a part of Addnode Design Management; one of the largest suppliers of business-critical support systems to engineering and construction operations in Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom).

With profound knowledge of our customers' processes, Design Management deliver IT solutions that reduce costs, shorten lead time and develop the most important processes.

The Story Behind BIMEYE

In order to introduce a new BIM approach to the AEC Market in the Nordics, Symetri – then known as Cad-Q - decided to form a special task force in 2004.

This challenge was provided to us from Autodesk, who wanted a skilled partner and a place outside the US to introduce and implement the BIM design tool Revit. This BIM-group was initially formed around a group of skilled BIM people, Nina Borgström (BIM-process lead), Michael Thydell (BIM methodology expert) and Samir Balicevac (Revit API & BIM-process development expert).


The First Case Study

In the beginning of 2006 the group was recognised greatly in their effort to get the AEC market to understand and utilise benefits of BIM. This happened when Myresjöhus decided to place their order regarding a brand new IT solution to support and enhance their operation with respect to the processes around sales, building permit, production, delivery and assembly at Cad-Q (today Symetri).

Clever BIM for more Customer Value

This project gave some major insights as to which ways BIM-based technologies, combined with good process thinking and clear goals, were able to perform with regards to customer business value.

New Karolinska Solna Hospital

Based on the these projects and some other equivalent experiences, the group in 2010 was approached by the architecture “joint venture” firm WTT (WhiteTengbomTeam), who had been commissioned to design the very large new hospital New Karolinska Solna in Stockholm.

The size (330 000 sqm, 12 floors and 11 000 rooms), complexity and the compressed schedule for this project forced WTT to take on a totally new way to work, where the solution was to combine Building Information Modelling design with a BIM Data Management approach. The very open minded and trustful development work process towards the WTT ICT board, led by Marcus Bengtsson (BIM/IT Manager), was truly one of the success criteria’s in this project.

Growing Interest in BIM Data management

During 2012/2013 there was an increasing amount of requests for information regarding an external” business around our BIM Data Management experiences, now repackaged under the new brand BIMeye (today known as BIMEYE). The interest came from people in other projects who knew of our deliveries in the New Karolinska Solna project.

Approval for Next Level by Addnode

In 2014 we were approved by Addnode to take our experience and knowledge to the next level through a long-term and strategic investment in BIM Data Management with BIMEYE as the platform.

Since then, the investment in BIMEYE has been our “bridge” between digital design and the final stages of maintaining the buildings in various FM solutions.

Today, BIMEYE is owned by the sister company to Symetri, Tribia, another member of the Addnode family.