Access Your Data - Any time and any where

The BIMEYE Concept

Why BIMEYE as Your Common Data Environment?

With BIMEYE as your Common Data Environment (CDE) you cover all stages and aspects of building information management & collaboration needs in your project – with a BIM level 3 / iBIM (integrated BIM) support. *

Avoid expensive gaps in your BIM Projects

Having BIMEYE as your dynamic backbone in your BIM projects, your data is safe. The communication and collaboration with your stakeholders and partners in your construction projects will be smooth, waterproof with easy access, all through the building life cycle.

Working with this data management system, you optimise the quality of your deliveries and bring speed  to your construction projects. Hence, you avoid the expensive gaps, lack of responsibility and misunderstandings in your dataflow.

Benefits for all stakeholders

Let all stakeholders in your BIM projects benefit. The system allows all stakeholders in a construction project to log in and contribute as well as download data specifications according to their personal login rights. This means that all partners in a BIM project will be able to access updated realtime data from anywhere at any time.

All you need is web access

You do not need to be a skilled BIM expert, or even to own a BIM tool. All you need is your browser on your preferred gadget, tablet, laptop or PC.

So let your colleagues and collaborators benefit from BIMEYE; from the planners, designers, architects and BIM managers in the early phases to contractors and engineers in the construction and production phase and all the way to building owners in facility management - and beyond.

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