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Business Unit Project Services

Project Services (PS) is the Business Unit in charge of delivering the cloud-based BIM Data Management service BIMEYE to the market.

Project Services is a part of Addnode Design Management; one of the largest suppliers of business-critical support systems to engineering and construction operations in Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom).

With profound knowledge about our customers’ processes, Design Management develops and supplies the industry with IT solutions that reduce costs, shorten lead time and develop the most important processes.

Today, we are owned by Tribia, a part of Addnode Group.

Growth since the establishment in 2014

In 2014 an independent unit, Business Unit Project Services, was formed by approval of Addnode Group, with the aim to take our experience and knowledge to the next level through a long-term and strategic investment in BIM Data Management, with BIMEYE as the platform.”

The investment in BIMEYE has proven to be of benefit to many of our customers, and the interest for the Common Data Environment Solution (CDE) is growing rapidly.

BIMEYE will continuously be our solution to “bridge” between digital design models, nongraphical data, and the final stages of maintaining the buildings in various FM solutions.