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Data Collaboration & Management



Program management from early phases. Define and plan your project functions and communicate them to your project members



Let the designers sync their models directly from Revit, and ArchiCAD or from any other software using IFC



Benefit from easy access to quality assured BIM-data accessible on site.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Integrate BIM data to your Facility Management with BIMEYE

Learn more about BIMEYE throughout the entire Building Lifecycle!

Collaborate and refine your BIM data using the BIMEYE methodologies (Best Practices and apps) even without a BIM or CAD software program.



Work Smarter With BIM

Strengthen Your Competitive Edge. Change Your way of running your BIM projects. Through the BIMEYE Common Data Environment we provide you with a cloud based BIM data management system enabling you to obtain speed and quality in your construction projects. BIMEYE covers the entire building life cycle from idea, design and production all the way to Facility Management..and beyond.


If you are working with BIM, your way of running projects is about to change.

BIMEYE provides you with daily routines improving the communication in your BIM projects.

It is a cloud based BIM data management system that brings speed and quality to your construction projects from idea in the early phases throughout the engineering and designing process and all the way to Facility Management.

So, if you're searching for a better communication and collaboration in your  BIM projects, we have made it easy for you. In BIMEYE you can improve the efficiency of your work, where transparency, quality, and collaboration are perfectly normal ingredients in your construction projects. In short, better communication with your stakeholders in the projects. Thus strengthening your competitive edge in the market.

Developed on many years of collaboration within the building industry

Through close relations with architects, engineers and contractors we have discovered the need for transparency and close collaboration and the BIMEYE concept is designed to meet the needs for cloud services as follows:


Imagine a Solution that unifies design, production and management into one stabilising data center!

  • One central repository for BIM data
  • BIM-data accessible for all project members
  • Support for different roles and user right
  • No need for the original BIM software
  • Work with data from many BIM models, (from different BIM software with bi-directional 1:1 sync)
  • Integrate BIM data to other systems (FM, ERP, Calculation)
  • Quality assurance of BIM data
  • Apps for streamlining specific processes

The Digital Twin: BIMEYE as the missing link

If you're aiming even higher and you want a strategy of delivery information for your BIM projects, BIMEYE keeps track of the graphical data and connects this to your preferred BIM Design tool and to your Document Management tool. This linking gives you the illusive Digital Twin.

BIM is People, Process & Technology coming together

The Digital Twin is only achieved when capable people collaborate during all phases in a BIM process and take responsibility to follow defined standards and procedures.

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

Tribia acquires another enterprise within BIM information solutions for digitalisation

- Our customers will be able to start collecting the digital information already at the construction site with our mobile solutions. The basis of our BIM Collaboration solution is Interaxo and BIMEYE - but the acquirement of Unizite is important as an additional tool to this. With this new tool at hand, we have secured our growth strategy as it completes our product range with mobile solutions in the field of BIM information. Our customers will now have access to a secured way of presenting and registering their data in a mobile solution beginning already at the construction site, says Steinar Svinø, CEO at Tribia.
Become our new product manager

Become our new product manager

Do you have the skill set to be the co-creator of the best future collaboration solution for BIM projects in both Norway, Sweden and abroad? Then we need you as our new product manager!
Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

Symetri Collaboration is now Tribia

The name change is part of a proces that commenced in 2018 with the aquisition of Apricon, a Swedish company. In 2019 with the aquisition of BIMEYE, the company has gained a new and even stronger position within solutions for BIM management, BIM data and models in construction projects.


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